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My name is Sharon and I am a breeder of fancy rats based just outside of Brighton, Sussex. 

I have been a breeder of pet rats for over 20 years and like to think that my rats, whether top ear or dumbo, rex, smooth or hairless will be the best pets possible.


Over the years I have kept and been in contact with hundreds of rats and there are very few that have a nasty temperament, especially if you purchase from a reputable breeder.  Always make sure that you are happy with the way that the rats are kept and handled, and if you are in any doubt then do not purchase them and keep looking....


  My main aim is to breed loving pets

 I ensure all my rats are handled daily by children and adults so that you take home a friendly pet, not the nervous types you sometimes see in pet shops. I have people who come back time and time again for their rats, which is a huge compliment.


If you have rats or small rodents which you need help in rehoming please feel free to contact me.











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